We can help you unlock the door to the wonderful world of Xero.

We give you tips & tricks on how to maintain live accurate data.

Knowing how to raise and reconcile invoices is one thing, but that isn’t all your accounting software can do. With a little know how, we can help you make real changes to your business.

Purple Lime Training are Xero specialists, teaching business owners and teams how to make the most of this industry-leading cloud software and frequently used associated apps.

What Is Xero?

Xero is the UK’s leading cloud accounting software solution. Millions of people use Xero every day to run their businesses, big or small. Since it’s a cloud-based application, there is no need to download any software, no expensive updates, and the power of a full accounting solution in your back pocket.

Xero integrates with a whole host of applications, so you don’t need to worry about your existing systems not working with it. In short – Xero makes account and bookkeeping accessible for every small business. It’s no wonder it’s the most popular accounting package on the market right now.

How Can We Help?

At Purple Lime Training, we understand that setting up and using new accounting software can be a bit daunting.

Our training is completely customisable to you, your business and your understanding of Xero. Some of our most popular training areas are:

  • Consultation – To understand your needs, and if Xero will be the right solution for you. This includes a free demo of the software and what it can do.
  • Set Up – Full guidance and support through the initial set up of your Xero account and creating the framework your business needs. 
  • Transfer Of Data – We will help you to collect all of your existing data and transfer it into the Xero system, and help you understand where it all lives within Xero, so you won’t have to search for anything.
  • Use Training – Once your data is in place, we can teach you and your team how it all works, where everything is and how to access it all. With hands-on demonstrations and guidance, you’ll be up and running in no time.
  • Application – Xero is so much more than just a cloud accounting solution. With our help you can learn all the hidden tips and tricks in Xero, including how to utilise real-time data to benefit your business performance.
  • Apps Marketplace Assistance – Because Xero can integrate with almost anything, we can help you choose, test and set up appropriate apps for other areas of your business as well – like data reporting or payment apps.
  • Ongoing Support – Once you’ve learned the basics, we won’t just leave you to get on with it. We also offer ongoing support for you and your team in the use of Xero in your business. So if you ever have a question, all you have to do is ask.

Xero eco system


To find out more about Xero training for your business, just get in touch with the team at Purple Lime Training today.